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Turrets are enemy artillery in the Metal Slug series. They are defensive fortifications armored with cannons, which are used in the trenches.


The turrets are hardened shelters, often buried partly or fully underground, designed to protect the Rebel Soldiers from falling bombs or other attacks. They were used extensively in Morden Wars for weapons facilities, command and control centers, and storage facilities.

Turret Types

Anti Air-Craft: This turret fires projectiles in the air at an arc. Has low defense.
Spike Bunker: This turret has spikes on top that kills the player if they jump on top of it. The turret shoots its smoothbore faster than the Shoe & Karn.
Double Bunker: This turret also has spikes. It can fire from two different heights.
Hill turret.gif
Hill Turret: This is the same as the double bunker only that it doesn't have spikes and it's weaker.
Scrap Cannon: A small turret that needs a soldier to operate it. Appears in Metal Slug 7/XX.
AA Cannon: An anti-aerial turret. Appears in Metal Slug 7/XX.
HU Gun: This turret is placed on a pillar. It can aim at the enemy unlike most other turrets.
MS7 Fall Turret.png
Fall Mecha Turrets: The Fall Mecha can summon two turrets from behind the waterfall during its boss fight. It has three varying attacks: a laser beam, homing missiles, and bombs launched at an arc.
Anti Air-Craft+: Shoots homing projectiles at a fast rate but can't attack units that are too close. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


  • They're based on World War I & II bunkers.
  • Round type Bunkers (E.g. Spikes, AA) are based off on the Fahrpanzer which is a World War I variant defensive weapon for the German Empire. The difference is that it's not mobile and slightly larger than its real life counterparts. The Slug Trolley's cannon wagons better resemble the Fahrpanzer than the turrets.
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