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Ulala is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

The third known candidate of the Metal Device Project, Ulala's parents are part of the project as researchers. Like Perche and Ami, Ulala has a similar frame system to theirs, though her original frame is colored blue.

In battle, she carries a normal gun. She also has access to a Huge Launcher, a massive launcher she is able to carry single-handedly thanks to the perks of the Metal Device Project. This launcher has the power of a single air force division, shooting out numerous homing rockets to overwhelm her enemies. She later received a modified version of this launcher which shoots out a stream of lasers instead.

Though some consider her lucky due to her parents' position as researchers on the project, she has troubles with her parents' overly close relationship.


Extra Ops

First appearing in "Destruction and Regeneration", a Ulala and Perche arrive at the ruins to investigate a burst of energy. They run into Sol Dae Rokker Arche and destroy it a second time. Exhausted from the battle, Ulala tells Perche to double check their surroundings, but finds that she has collapsed from exhaustion and brings her back to base.

Ulala later receives a new M.D.P suit that significantly increases her offense. However, the suit also has the expected drawback of making her even more hungry than usual, prompting her parents to find a way to create a portable meal that would also be filling. She is sent to destroy a Fall Climber; despite the extra firepower from her new suit, it barely dents the machine and her hunger gets the better of her. The first time she returns, she finds the damage she inflicted has been somehow repaired, yet decides to try again before hunger strikes again. This time, she decides to investigate and finds that Emma and Sylfie had been making rapid repairs while she had been eating after her attacks.

Another Story

She's seen with Perche, Ami, Reika, Rita and Avvio in "New Generations!" where they're tasked with keeping a base secure while the heroes go off for a mission. Almost immediately upon their departure, the base is attacked by the Rebel Army. When Rita drives Norah off, Ulala supports Perche's decision to chase the enemies and destroy them before they can regroup. This decision backfires as they learn that they have fallen into a diversionary trap and they rush back to the base. By this time, they are too late, though Grazia has already retreated with her forces by then. Ulala, Perche and Ami are reprimanded by Marco for being careless.


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