Units are enemies from Metal Slug 5. They are one-man mechanized armor suits developed by the Ptolemaic Army, based on stolen data on the Rebels' LV Armor.


The Ptolemaic engineers produced these suits based on the data they had about the LV Armor. They altered the design, removing the cockpit canopy and replacing it with a sensor eye system to provide more protection to the pilot. The Ptolemaics had created several variants of them, with weapons ranging from miniguns to claws with fold-out cannons, but even though they were built using the most advanced materials available to the Ptolemaics (accounting for their high in-game health when using lower-level infantry weapons), heavier infantry weapons and vehicle-mounted cannons still destroy them.

Units Types

Gunner Unit

The most common type. It attacks at a distance with guns mounted in its claws and will punch/stab with the claws at close range. There may be a rocket launcher hidden in the right arm, which folds out around the claw to fire. They have a somewhat low movement speed. In the last mission of MS5 they adopt new tactics, either firing with both arm-guns while dashing, or jumping around and firing at the ground rapidly with both arm-guns.

MG Unit

This unit is the fastest, and is armed with a minigun on each arm. it fires 3-round bursts from the right arm-mounted weapon and uses the a backpack ammo supply similar to that of the Rebel minigunner. This is only variant that has multiple sensor eyes instead of the single eye seen on the others.

Claw Unit

The heaviest and most well-armoured variant. Its only weapons are two large mechanized claws, with no guns. Most of the time they simply attempt to walk up to and punch the player, but in the last mission they also perform sliding and jump-slam attacks, it is the most mobile of the Units.

Armor Unit


Early Armor Unit

If you remove the spikes of the armor unit, and make some changes on its sensor, You'll get a unit similar to the one on the arcade flyer. The one on the flyer is a bit more bulkier.

Basically a regular Gunner Unit with extra armor on the head, which allows it to withstand more damage. Not much more needs to be said. In Metal Slug Defense, it can shoot energy projectiles similar to the Rebel Walker.


  • In the Metal Slug 5 arcade flyer, the Units appear to have teeth. One of them is also seemingly an aerial version which looks like a hybrid plane/Unit. These are never actually fought as enemies in the game.
    • One of these Units with the "shark smile" can be seen under construction in the last section of MS5's third mission, but it can't be seen very well, and another one can be seen under construction in tower section of mission 5.
    • The bulkier one could be an early concept of the "Armor Unit".
  • On the cover of the PS2 release of MS5, behind the heroes you can see a Unit. Once again it appears to have teeth and seems to have a single eye on one side of its head, rather than in the middle as the Units have in game.
    • This was probably another Unit that should've made an appearance in the game, but due to the game being rushed, it never made an appearance.
  • There were other versions of the Units that were set to appear in the game, like the Plane/Sub hybrid Unit, the "underbite" and "overbite" Units as well.
    • The Plane/Sub Unit may have been originally set to appear in an unknown air level and/or the underwater levels of Mission 4.
  • In Metal Slug Defense, the Gunner Unit and Armor Unit's names were erroneously spelled as "Gunnner Unit" and "Amor Unit" respectively.
  • The Gunner unit was supposed to have a Gatling gun instead of its left claw. The one on the arcade flyer has multiple sensors.
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