The Metal Slug SV-001 , Assault tank.

The Metal Slug is the famous all known tank in the metal Slug series so far.It is currently has the most variants, including upgrades and one unused Variant.The Metal Slug ( link above) is known by its 16mm barrage vulcan+Powerful recoiling cannon top. This Tank also have a faster variant called the Gold SV-001 aka, The SV-001 type R. Other slugs are

also based on this object. 

The following are its variants Categorize each army:
  1. Regular Variant
  2. Gold SV-001 (SV-001 Type R)
  3. Experimental SV-001
  4. Bronze SV-001
  5. Blue SV-001 (aka SV-001 Type Blue)
  6. Sand Simon
  7. Slug Gunner
  8. Slug Gunner Prototype
  1. Formor
  1. Metal Rear
  2. Black Hound
  3. Ptolemaic Slug
    1. Cannon Variant
    2. Slug Variant



The Cannon variant and Vulcan variant alog some Soldiers


Unused Stuffs

I'm going to talk about unused stuuff,Many Unused stuff,so many,many than here.

The following are:

  1. Glen Acchiles
  2. Tabomba
  3. Ptolemaic Boss
  4. Stone Turtle
  5. Prisoner Navy
  6. Hidden Images
  7. Hidden Sprites
  8. Many More......