Walking locomotive

The Walking Locomotive is an enemy from Metal Slug 6. It is a moving train with legs that appears in the first mission.


The Walking Locomotive is a vehicle developed by the Rebel Army to send supplies to the soldiers on the front line. After the destruction of the Supply Train (Metal Slug 2 & X), the Rebel Army needed a new means of transporting supplies. The result was this tall and very well armed Walking Train.


A modified train, it is armed with several heavy weapons, backed by Rebel Infantry members providing supporting fire. Destroying some sections of the vehicle will give you supplies such as food, ammunition, or even POWs - one in particular provides a Metal Slug. It is very long and may require two players to destroy all of its parts. It is a very fast and welled armored but a Heavy Machine Gun could tear it up easily. Grenades or a Slug's cannon can be used against it for increased firepower. Two sections have large turrets firing rockets. Destroying all of the parts in succession will drop lots of coins.

In Other Games

Metal Slug Attack

The Walking Locomotive appears in the "Crazy Drive" Extra Ops, albeit shrunken down. Although the whole vehicle is seen running over Ralf in the opening movie, only the caboose (dubbed the Iron Cab) is playable. The Iron Cab has two attacks: shooting missiles from its cannon and firing a large laser beam.

A variant called the Frozen Cab appears in the "Revival of Intention" Extra Ops. It is a customized, blue-colored Iron Cab made specifically for walking on the harshest environments. The laser beam has been changed to an ice beam with the same effects as Beatriz's ice gun: turning defeated infantry and vehicles into snowmen and blocks of ice.

Humorously, both Cabs are considered hard to spot despite its large size.


  • Even if the front is destroyed, the train continues to move. Presumably the remainder continues on auto-pilot.
  • The Iron Cab and Frozen Cab uses the Tetsuyuki's cannon sprite as part of the Cab's special.
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