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The Walking Machine (aka Walk Machine) is a vehicle first discovered in Metal Slug 4's fourth stage, Cadaverous.


The Walking Machine is a crawling Slug made for exploration purposes. What makes it unusual is its design, a robotic Mutated Soldier with a rotating light on the top of its head and an exposed battery on its back. The player rides astride the Walking Machine and holds onto the rains connected to its cheeks.

Gameplay-wise, the Walking Machine is a variant of the animal Slugs - meaning that the pilot rides unprotected, able to use the Vulcan but otherwise limited to tossing grenades. It possesses a lower profile, offering some degree of evasion (poison bombs roll harmlessly underneath it, for example). It can also jump higher than most Slugs.

In Other Games

Metal Slug Defense

The Walking Machine returns as Nadia's special attack, in which she calls it from the players base (riding it once it catches her up). While on board, Nadia is able to use its Vulcan as a long range attack and tosses Fire Bombs for her special attack.

Metal Slug Attack

The Walking Machine is once again Nadia's personal Slug. For her "everlasting summer" variant, she may immediately deploy piloting the Walking Machine. An improved futuristic design of the Walking Machine was also introduced for her "special" release.


Walk machine.gif Walking Machine The original crawling Slug.
Special Nadia MSA walker.gif Special Walking Machine A sleeker variant with a different head and horns for handles. The Vulcan has been replaced by a Gatling gun inside of its mouth. Nadia pilots this Slug and tosses air mines instead of Fire Bombs.
Walk Machine Type-B.gif Walk Machine Type-B An unmanned, red version of the Special Walking Machine designed for underground exploration. Although heavily armored, it does not have a lot of weaponry, relying on a Mobile Satellite to get out of dangerous situations.


  • "Walk Machine Type-B" is a misnomer; all known Type-B Slugs are coloured blue.
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