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The Wall Drones are minor enemies from Metal Slug 5.


The Ptolemaic Army created these small yet versatile drones to protect the elevator in their factory. They can slide on walls to keep up with the elevator, being able to move along the wall. They attack by shooting from their eyes. They are not very well armored, as it takes just some rounds to destroy them. Obviously, they make up for this disadvantage by attacking in numbers.

Other Appearances

Wall Drones appeared in Metal Slug Defense in ver 1.37.0. In MSD, Wall Drone is able to move on the ground and has the ability to roll towards its enemies as its Special Attack.

Wall Drones also made an appearance in Metal Slug Attack in the "On the Bad Road" Extra Ops, where they served as the Rare Boss of the event. They function much like their Metal Slug Defence counterparts, but were also given the ability to evade and counter incoming attacks as one of their skills.


Wall Drone: The original variant.
Space Wall Drone: They function much like their original counterparts, but were also given the ability to create an electric field which stuns enemies nearby and repels non-piercing attacks. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Golden Wall Drone: They function much like their former counterparts, now they shots lots of laser beam and were also given the ability of rolling with maximun speed. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


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