White Baby Crisis
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Decisive Regular Army Victory
  • The Rebel Army is routed, though General Donald Morden is revealed to be a robot double created by the Amadeus Syndicate. The whereabouts of the real Morden is still unknown.
  • The Amadeus Syndicate is destroyed along with their facility. The fate of their leader Amadeus is unknown, but is presumed to have been killed in the destruction of the syndicate's main base.
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The White Baby Crisis is an incident that takes place in the year 2032 of Metal Slug 4. The events of this took place after the events of the Venusian Invasion.

Fear of cyber terrorism plunged the world into panic after the outbreak of a computer virus known as "White Baby" overrides the main military systems of countries around the world through the Internet. The quickly convened Conference on International Cyber Terror Countermeasures resolved to annihilate the party responsible, an organization known as the Amadeus Syndicate.

As the world's military systems fortify their online defenses, the Regular Army dispatches the Peregrine Falcon Squad (PF Squad) and SPARROWS Unit to wipe out the Amadeus Syndicate directly. According to the most reliable reports among all of the intelligence provided from countries around the world, Amadeus was about to attack more communication installations in a few hours.

Tarma and Eri are dispatched on a mission to protect researchers developing a "vaccine" for the White Baby computer virus. In the meantime, four others ― Marco, Fio, and new recruits Trevor and Nadia ― are deployed to execute a mission that would annihilate the Amadeus Syndicate. A satellite picture sent prior to the sortie showed that the Rebel Army was apparently in league with the syndicate to provide combat support. The face of one of the figures shocked everyone present: the face of General Morden.

After destroying several installations, the team infiltrates the syndicate's main base. As they fight through the defensive measures, they discover that General Morden is not involved with the syndicate but is actually one of many robot duplicates. Morden's subordinate Allen O'Neil is also exposed as a mechanical fake during another battle and is destroyed.

The true leader of the Amadeus Syndicate is revealed as Amadeus, a mad scientist who engages the unit in battle via giant machines. After the group destroys these machines the Amadeus base is destroyed by the explosions created from the machines destruction. Amadeus himself is not found and presumed K.I.A, after which the white baby crisis ended.