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This species of Invader Drone is gifted with wings, which he uses for making air attacks. They normally attack in pairs with 2, 3 or 4 fireball rounds. Their health has a variability, just like the normal Drones. Also, there are other colors of winged drones, each of them has different resistance and different power attack.

Invader Winged Ranks

Flying Invader Idle.gif

Flying Drones: The most common encountered Winged Invader. They are found primarily in Mission 4. They shoot a single fireball at you. Gray in color.

Green Flying Invader.gif

Troopers: These Winged Invaders shoot 2 unguided fireballs. Normally found in the air segment of Mission 4. Green in color, but the ones found in the Rootmars entrance path and the Final Mission segment with Hunter Walkers are gray.

Light Pink Flying Invader.gif

Elite Troopers: Tan-Peach in color, they shoot 3 unguided fireballs. They are relative rare enemies, only found in the Rootmars route.

Pink Flying Invader.gif

Squad Leader: Pink in color, they shoot 8 unguided fireballs. Very rare. Known as Ravenous Winged Invaders in Metal Slug Attack.

Citrine: White in color, he shoots red lightning bolts. He is the personal Winged Invader companion of Ai Agate.

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