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The XA-01 Juggernaut is a Regular Army artillery introduced in Metal Slug Infinity.


The XA-01 Juggernaut is a jetpack with a pressure relief valve and two shields connected to it. The jetpack quickly thrusts the user inside enemy lines forcing enemy units to focus on the user instead of the remaining ally units. The two shields, named "The Shield of Domination", negates projectiles from piercing through the user for 20 seconds upon appearance.

The user attacks by releasing pressure on the XA-01 Juggernaut which unleashes a small shockwave. The user wields the Flame Shot to shoot small bursts of fire, but it cannot be aimed upwards.

The XA-01 Juggernaut is mostly used for defensive purposes as its health and defense stats vastly outweigh its attack stat. Most of its skills are based on increasing the Regular Army's health and defense stats when it is part of the active deck.

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