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Zoni Doloma is a supposedly mutated catfish, exclusive to Metal Slug Attack. It first made its debut on the game's event titled 'Try Line 7th', where the boss can also become a playable unit.


A fearsome monster known to all who dwell in the desert.

There are even rumors that it was once a mutant weapon. Travelers lured in by the treasure chest get swallowed whole by its gigantic maw. It can apparently change the shape of its lure to something other than a chest, but humans are its tastiest prey.

~Metal Slug Attack in-game description.


In Metal Slug Attack's event, this boss is fought at the last stage. It appears underground and slowly moves towards the player, only stopping when it encounters one of the player's units in front of it, after which it appears and attacks them with its weight and fins.

The special attack of the boss lets prompts it to appear immediately without having to locate an enemy unit. Upon appearing, Zoni Doloma unleashes a sandstorm from its mouth, sending debris, junk and caught prey flying towards the player. Zoni Doloma can also avoid incoming attacks by submerging back underground, so players are required to stun it to make it easier to hit.


Zoni-Doloma-MSA-Idle.gif Zoni Doloma: The original version.
Pigni Doloma: The Zoni Doloma which has mutated its carapace and chest to a red color. Instead of exhaling debris, junk and caught prey, it has opted to leap from the sand before crashing back down mouth-first to catch its prey.
Christmas Doloma: The Zoni Doloma now decorated in Christmas attire to attract more prey with its presents. It uses its mass to squish enemies, flapping its fins multiple times before diving down.



  • Zoni Doloma are the combined Greek words, "Zoni" and "Doloma".
    • Zoni (ζονι) means live or living in Greek language.
    • Doloma (δόλωμα) means bait, decoy, or lure in Greek language.
    • If combined together, It means "Living Bait" in Greek.
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